Providing Sydney with Perfect Retaining Walls

Icon Walls provide Sydney homes and commercial properties with a range of precast concrete sleeper retaining walls. We have a range of sleepers available at our Sydney location, ready to be utilised in the building of durable and eye-catching retaining walls.

Offered at a price every home-owner and organisation can afford, our engineered concrete sleeper retaining walls look amazing whilst being the perfect addition to your landscaping project. Our walls provide the necessary foundations for gorgeous gardens to be planted upon. We can work either alongside your landscape designer or utilise their plans to make sure that your wall is built to the highest industry standards and complements your landscape design. The range of sleeper walls at Icon are perfect for holding back a threatening bank. They produce a more flat, fertile growing space on land that is sloping and steep, or they can create a raised bed which ensures your beloved plants are on better display. The possibilities for gardening with retaining walls are simply endless!

We Utilise a Range of High Quality Materials

Concrete is the perfect choice for building retaining walls. Unlike other materials such as timber concrete is not susceptible to damage created by the likes of termites or damp weather. Unlike bricks, the mortar used in concrete won’t crumble, rot or disintegrate over time. Concrete is a suitable option for civil applications as they are a reliable and durable material. This makes it easier for them to gain council approval. Our solid concrete retaining walls are offered at some of the best prices in the city and will last a lifetime at your home or commercial property.

Our Materials are the Best Available on the Market

We used to work with timber sleepers but soon found that they weren’t an effective enough material for the building of quality walls. We often returned to properties to find their fences had been rotted by damp or termites, and therefore we promote the construction of retaining walls only using high quality concrete.

We also offer a range of services including resurfacing. This ensures that you get the most out of your retaining wall. Our professional design and engineering services are provided by a team of skilled and experienced in-house designers and sub-contractors. Our sleeper walls are always built on solid foundations and this ensures they are not susceptible to collapsing or tilting.

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If you are interested in learning more about our service, or would like to get started with our team of experienced professionals, simply give us a call on 1300 911 744. Our helpful Sydney team will provide you on sound advice for your landscaping project and assist you in receiving the best possible solution for your wall.

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