About Us

Icon Walls is a Sydney stocked concrete-sleeper manufacturer. We’re a team with over 30 years’ experience in gardening and construction.

Over many years of building gardens and constructing retaining walls with timber, we realised that there was one major flaw. Working with timber leaves the structure prone to both weather and termite markings and damage. Of course, we take great pride in our work, and therefore we started to look for better materials that we could use.

After some research we discovered concrete sleepers and retaining walls. After beginning to work with concrete sleepers, and starting to see their life-long properties in action, we were sold! We started to use concrete sleepers  and continued to do so wherever we could in our landscape design and construction, and since then we’ve never turned back.

After some time, we saw that there was growing demand for concrete sleepers, and so we decided to start manufacturing them ourselves. We employ several locals in our new factory in Melbourne, and now service all of Victoria as well as Sydney and the greater New South Wales. Our factory is designed with the latest high standard technology.

We look forward to creating a
wall for you that will last a lifetime!

Icon Walls Pty Ltd complies to below Australian Standards:

  • AS 1170.0-2002 – Load combinations
  • AS 1170.1-2002 – Dead and Live loads
  • AS 3600-2009 – Concrete Structures
  • AS 4100-1988 – Steel Structures
  • AS 4678-2002 – Earth-retaining structures
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