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Icon Walls is a leading supplier of high quality concrete sleepers and supplies for the construction of retaining walls. Used for landscaping, gardening and structural engineering, our small and passionate team provides sleeper supplies for garden, structural and engineered retaining walls.

We have been designing, building and installing eye-catching, durable retaining walls for over 30 years. Our walls are perfect for enhancing the style and atmosphere of your outdoor space or landscape paving. The team at Icon Walls have a dedicated passion for producing only the highest quality workmanship with prices that are suitable for a range of budgets.

Retaining Wall Blocks and Concrete Sleepers for a Stylish Garden

With years of experience in the industry, we have assisted an endless number of clients in designing charming, beautiful garden landscapes with the help of our resurfacing services and our inventory of pavers, retaining wall blocks and concrete retaining wall sleepers.

We have built a reputation as highly reliable and trustworthy builders and installers. Our belief is that retaining wall blocks and garden sleepers provide a host of advantages for constructions. They are durable as well as being impervious to termites and water damage.

Providing You with Professional Advice

The structures we provide can be utilised to build walls up to 4.6m tall. Some of the walls built by Icon may require approval from council, something we will be happy to assist you with achieving. We will meet with council members, providing them with engineering specifications and plans to ensure that we get the green light on civil applications.

We Comply with the Following Australian Standards:

AS 3600-2009 – Concrete Structures
AS 4100-1988 – Steel Structures
AS 4678-2002 – Earth-retaining structures
AS 1170.0-2002 – Load combinations
AS 1170.1-2002 – Dead and Live loads

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Providing Local Expertise as well as Highly Affordable Prices

We have an extensive range of Sydney-stocked sleepers at the ready. We use our experience and expertise in design and construction to help build only the highest quality, most appealing retaining walls available.

All of the products available at Icon Walls are designed and implemented by highly professional, experienced retaining wall installers. We do this to ensure a quality, long lasting structure.

We Custom Build Retaining Walls

Icon Walls provide our valued clients with a host of services that ensures the retaining wall you would like built meets your design expectations. We have a collection of steel retaining wall posts that ensure a solid, straight and design savvy wall. We can customise them for your fencing solutions.

Feel free to browse the collection of retaining wall supplies available at Icon Walls and get in contact with our team if you have any enquiries.

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